Tax compliance.

  • Income reports and declarations for the purposes of direct and indirect taxes, local taxes and related obligations.
  • Assistance for the correct fulfillment of declaratory obligations related to the possession of assets and activities abroad.
  • Advice on the taxation of income earned abroad by resident individuals and correct application of the international treaties against double taxation on income.
  • Advice and assistance for making investments abroad and optimizing taxation.

Hereditary and patrimonial settlements

Studio Zanlungo is able to offer qualified assistance in the management of issues related to the generational handover, both in the preventive planning phase and in the succession phase.

In particular, the Firm can assist the owners of personal and real estate assets, for:

  • Drafting of successor agreements.
  • Management of inheritance and inheritance divisions.
  • Management of disputes between heirs.
  • Declaration of succession.
  • Assistance in the establishment and management of holding companies.
  • Assistance in the establishment of Trusts and other structures for the segregation of personal assets.
  • Planning of generational transfers in corporate properties.
  • Generational transitions of personal assets.

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