Ordinary tax and corporate consultancy.

The timely fulfillment of civil and fiscal obligations represents a priority element in the management of an economic activity that aims to grow and develop in compliance with the principles of legality.

The Firm is structured to provide an integrated service and assist the client in correct compliance with tax and corporate legislation.

The service is organized both through continuous support to the company department in charge of managing tax issues, and by providing total or partial outsourcing services.

The consultancy defined as “traditional” includes all the professional tax and corporate activities of daily support to the company and internal administrative functions.

Starting from a correct annual tax planning, we process all the tax obligations required by the legislation for holders of VAT numbers, associations and limited companies; we assist the client in the preparation of financial statements (consolidated, annual and periodic) including the related attachments; we constantly monitor deadlines by anticipating the taxes to be paid in time to customers in order to allow for correct scheduling of deadlines for entrepreneurs; we develop studies and opinions on tax, civil law and the correct application of national and international accounting principles.

Corporate consultancy and special operations.

The Firm makes its expertise and practical experience available to assist the entrepreneur in all stages of development, growth and fusion, such as:

Administrative and accounting outsourcing.

To meet the needs of customers, in particular SMEs and companies with a small corporate base or family business, the Firm, through Gamaf Consulting srl, a dedicated service company, is able to provide administrative and accounting assistance both through outsourcing of the administrative/accounting process both through revision and implementation of internal administrative systems, training of administrative staff also with the organization of customized refresher courses.

We are adequately organized to provide support and assistance for the innovation of administrative processes and the digitization of documents.

Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity but cash is king

Financial planning.

The financial dimension within companies has acquired a predominant role compared to the economic one which, historically, has always been the main object of analysis in European corporate culture.

The rigid criteria imposed on credit institutions aimed at guaranteeing the stability of the credit system require companies to carefully evaluate their financial structure, including prospective ones, in order to maintain and improve creditworthiness over time.

Thanks to specific professional skills available within the Firm, we are able to:

  • Support companies in the process of redefining the company’s capital structure in order to improve its credit rating and ensure financial sustainability strategies in the medium to long term.

  • Support the entrepreneur in the analysis of financial needs and in the choice of financing forms that best meet business needs in the feasibility analysis of potential investments and their financial impact (capital budgeting).

Particular focus is dedicated to the possibility of accessing subsidized loans (regional, national or EU).

Management planning and control.

Correct business management involves a continuous series of decisions for which an adequate and timely flow of information must be available, necessary for the analysis, for the evaluation of the results and for the verification of the achievement of the set objectives.

Planning and defining the future of the company, setting short and medium-term objectives, knowing the financial needs and correctly planning the procurement of resources, evaluating new investments in terms of profitability and financial sustainability, are fundamental analyzes for effective management of the company.

Thanks to the collaboration with professionals with specific expertise in the field, the Firm can support the entrepreneur:

Tax litigation.

The Firm is able to offer qualified assistance in the defense and representation of the taxpayer in every aspect of relations with the financial administration:

  • Assistance in the resolution of tax disputes during tax audits.
  • Pre-litigation for mediations and assessments with adhesion.
  • Request for ruling.
  • Contradictory with the Revenue Agency or the Finance Police during access, inspections and verifications.
  • Defense and representation of the taxpayer before the tax commissions.

Thanks to consolidated collaborations with leading criminal law firms, the Firm is able to offer an integrated and efficient service, even if the tax dispute is accompanied – as increasingly often happens – by the opening of criminal proceedings for crimes tax and/or corporate.

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